Monitor stopped sending readings

3rd Generation - Try prompting a reading by placing the magnet to the activation pad. Does it light up?

If the monitor displays a red LED under the battery: 

This means that there is no power left in the battery to send a transmission. Attempt replacing the batteries with 4 AA Energizer Lithium batteries and prompt a reading. 

If it still continues to be unresponsive, please contact us.

If the monitor displays a center red LED after prompting a reading: 

This center red LED means that the device is unable to connect where the monitor is located. 

  • Have you changed the name of your wireless network (SSID) recently? 
  • Did you replace your WiFi access point, or move it in a different location?
  • Bring the monitor inside next to the router and then prompt a reading
  • Use your phone as a mobile hotspot to see if it will connect, this will rule out if it's device or wireless network issues

We would recommend going through the  Setup Process and review the installation directions

If the issue persists and you are unable to reconnect your unit to your wireless settings please feel free to contact us.

2nd Generation -Try double pressing the button. Does the LED light up? Does the monitor beep?

If the monitor beeps: 

A beep indicates that the monitor cannot send a reading. This is likely because it cannot connect to a WiFi signal. 

Did you recently change your WiFi password? You'll need to go through the setup process again. 

Have there been any big changes at your location that could affect WiFi signal? Heavy snowfall, a large truck parked between your house and your tank? Bring your monitor close to your router and double-press the button. If a reading is sent successfully, your WiFi signal is poor at your tank.

Here are tips to increase your connectivity.

If the LED blinks:

The LED on the button will flash while attempting to send a reading. Check your app to be sure that a reading went through. This could take up to 5 minutes at most. Can't see the reading in your app? Try using the   web app or submit a bug report.

If your monitor sent a reading when you pressed the button but hadn't been sending readings regularly, you may be just barely within WiFi range at your tank site - If you get in touch with us, we can check your signal strength.   Here are tips to increase your connectivity.

If there are no beeps and the LED does not flash:

Try going through the setup process again:   Installation instructions

If setup doesn't work, it's likely that your monitor is not getting power. Try replacing the batteries with AA Energizer Lithium batteires. 

We've been working on improving our battery alerting system and we're sorry if you didn't receive an alert email. If this occurred shortly after you purchased your device, please   contact us.

Note: Please do not press any buttons on the circuitboard of the monitor! You may erase the firmware, and disable the antenna.

Still need help? Contact our Support Team Contact our Support Team