Access Your Data

The Tank Utility monitoring app gives you access to your tank level anytime, anywhere.

Try out the app using this sample monitor ID: CHGHWQ73

Where can I access my tank level data?

We have monitoring apps for  iOSAndroid, and a web app.

You can have the app on multiple devices. If you log in with your credentials you'll see all the tanks assigned to you. 

We also have an  API where you can access data daily.

Can I share access to my tank level?

Sure! Your device ID number can be added to anyone's account. For example, if you wanted to share your data with your landlord, your landlord could download the app on his or her phone, and add your device ID number to see your tank level. Your landlord can even set an alert to his or her own email address.

If you'd like to share your tank level with your fuel supplier, please  contact us so that we can make an arrangement with your supplier.

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