These Readings Don't Make Sense!

Is there a discrepancy between your gauge face and the readings you're getting in your monitor?

Our default setting for calculating tank level assumes a horizontal tank. Do you have a vertical tank? If so, please change the setting for that device by using the wrench button wrench button in your app. If your tank orientation or gauge face does not match the orientation set in your app, you'll see a difference of 3% at mid values to 15% at the highest and lowest values.

Did your monitor suddenly go from regular readings that matched your gauge face to a completely different reading?


The cable that connects the sensor to the monitor enclosure is likely severed. Has your lawn been mowed recently or do you have animals grazing on your property?

51% or 47%

A reading of 51% for horizontal (or unassigned orientation) tanks or 47% for  vertical tanks, plus or minus 1%, indicates that your most recent reading was taken while the sensor was not attached to the gauge face. Make sure the sensor is fitted snugly into your gauge face and double-press the button to take a new reading.


It's likely that your batteries have died. We've been working on improving our battery alerting system and we're sorry if you didn't receive an alert email. If this occurred shortly after you purchased your device, please  contact us. Check out this article for help changing the batteries.

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