Replacing your Dial

WARNING: Only fuel suppliers should replace dials. Risk of tank depressurization.

If you don't have a remote-ready dial you should contact your propane supplier to have your dial replaced. If your supplier does not have the proper dials in stock, Tank Utility can provide you with a replacement dial.

Order a dial here, along with your monitor purchase:  Dial Replacement Order

You'll need to give us the following information:

  1. The orientation of your tank: Vertical vs. Horizontal and Underground vs. Above ground
  2. A photo of your existing dial. Make sure the little words printed on the face are clearly readable in the photo! 
  3. Your order number, if you've already placed an order.

Email us this information  here. We'll ship a dial replacement to you along with your monitor order.

Get in touch with your propane supplier to swap the dial:

Even if Tank Utility provides you with a replacement dial, you'll still need to call your supplier to have them install the dial within the gauge. It's a safety hazard for you to do it yourself. Tell your supplier that they only need to replace the dial: Only the two small screws need to come off. They can do this without de-pressurizing the tank. The gauge, which is inside the tank, does not need to be replaced.

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